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African American Christmas Angels Ornament


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African American Smoked Glass Angel Christmas Ornaments.

When we first opened our shop we acquired a closed out gift shop.  In it's collection were collectible blown smoked glass African American / Black Angels and Nativity sets.  We thought we'd sold out of them all, as they'd gone fast, but we just stumbled upon 3 more of the Angel Nativity Ornaments!  These are not made anymore and were manufactured about 11 or 12 years ago.  They are a hanging smoked glass teardrop that you can put on your Christmas Tree, or hang anywhere you need some holiday cheer.  This smoked glass orb contains a Black / African American Jesus with two Angels watching over him.  Each one is hand painted and sits on a little bed of lychen.  Each has hanging tassels below for a bit of sparkle.  Each is about 6 inches long total and come in their own plain box for safe keeping.

Don't miss out on this fun collectible holiday Christmas ornament!

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