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Agate and Leather Keychains


Colorful Colored Agate Discs and Leather Keychains! Agate mined from Arizona and made just for you! Great for any lover of Stones and Gemstones!  Make a small splash of color in the car, boat, truck or RV, or on a purse or backpack as a bag pull.  Each one is truly unique.  All are about the same width across, but some are a bit thicker or thinner, and their patterns and colors can vary greatly!  So each one is a work of art, a mix of man and nature.

Colors are Pink, Purple, Green or Blue.  Though you can see blacks, whites, browns and more in any of them.  Please choose a color and we will pick one out for you.  Remember, each one is unique, so actual colors and patterns can vary greatly from those pictured. 

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