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Alice in Wonderland Wrist Watch


"Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late!"
-- The Rabbit

Does that sound like you? Always frantically rushing from one place to another? This attractive wrist watch may not help you arrive on time, but if you wear it you can be fashionably late. The delightful Wonderland Watch features characters, images, and text from Lewis Carroll's classic "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland." The face of the watch depicts Alice surrounded by a circle of flying playing cards. As the watch ticks, the cards move around her (see illustration). The band contains colorful graphics of The Queen, The Rabbit, and The Mad Hatter, accompanied by time-related quotes from the book.

The Wonderland watch is plastic with a metal backing (sort of like a Swatch) and has an accurate quartz movement. It comes in a very attractive metal gift box, making it a spectacular un-birthday gift.

1 year warranty. Not waterproof. Be sure to check out all the other awesome watches we carry.

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