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Blue Sky Earrings


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Sweet Earth Art and Jewelry Dicrotic Glass. 


Amazing Blue Earrings!

One of our talented Local Artists makes Dicrotic Glass Pendants  that are Magical, Diverse and Crazy Cool!  Rainbows of different colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and designs!  Some are big, some small, but all dance with brilliant Artistic flair!  Our camera can't capture all the true magic in these beautiful pendants.

  • No two are ever alike!
  • Own a one of a kind work of ART that you can WEAR!
  • Put on the dog or cat collar!
  • Use as a keychain!
  • Hang on a car or truck mirror!
  • Put on the Christmas Tree!
  • Perfect for Cosplay, Ren Fairs, Comicons, Pride events, Celtic Fests and more!
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