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Carol Finger Monster


Carol the Finger Monster...Carol is one of those names that could be a boy OR a Girl...oh, well, I won't ask.  With all those cute spikes it doesn't matter!  Carol rocks!

Nothing Says FUN like our Terrifying Finger Monsters!  Adults and Kids alike LOVE these goofy little guys and gals!  Fun for a break at the Office!  The Dorm room!  Or for Birthday Parties!  Stick them out of a cake or use as party favors!  These little creeps are perfect for any occasion, anywhere!  So have some fun!  There are 8 different ones to collect!  Get them all!  The makers do change up the colors from time to time, so they may come in a different red or green or blue or who knows what!  They are Monsters after all, so they can morph at will!  Great for Retirement parties, as well!

Kids afraid of the Monster under the bed or in the closet?  Get these guys to show them that Monsters are FUN!  And Sweet!  And Cool!

And don't forget to collect the Glow in the Dark Finger ZOMBIES and our Finger Tentacles, too!
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