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Cattleya Lightning Bug Orchid Earrings


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Golden Brown with a touch of Red and Pink in these 5 petal Cattleya Lightning Bug Orchid Earrings!

When Nature and Man meet, something Magical CAN happen!  Here are REAL ORCHID Flowers & Leaves preserved forever as stunning Jewelry!  No two are ever alike!  Incredible colors!  Many styles and sizes!  Orchids, Daisies, Butterfly Wings (all die naturally) and other amazing flowers.  Dazzling to the eye, these truly unique 3D flowers will never die!

The classic form of the Cattleya orchid is instantly recognized and prized the world over. Many of the veins in these examples are clearly visible and single flowers often have two or three tones of color creating a very beautiful Pendant/Necklace or Earrings set. Matching Earrings are also created from the Cattleya tongue.
Colors: Light & Aqua Blue, Ruby Grapefruit, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Orange
Size: 2-4" wide x 2-4" tall
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