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Cattleya Lightning Bug Orchid Necklace


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Vibrant colors!  Amazing detail!  REAL Orchids made into incredible, colorful Necklaces!

When Nature and Man meet, something Magical CAN happen!  Here are REAL ORCHID Flowers & Leaves preserved forever as stunning Jewelry!  No two are ever alike!  Incredible colors!  Many styles and sizes!  Orchids, Daisies, Butterfly Wings (all die naturally) and other amazing flowers.  Dazzling to the eye, these truly unique 3D flowers will never die!

A rare and exotic orchid from the Cattleya Family. This unusual flower can vary widely in form from wavy, bent arms to very straight, angular arms. Colors vary dramatically according to the season with no two seasons ever being the same. Sometimes small brown spots can be seen on the slender leaves. An unseen internal brace keeps these pendants strong. An orchid lover's choice, these are again one of kind...If you love it, get it ... I shall never be able to match it again.

Colors: Orange, Grass Green, Light & Aqua Blue, Pink, Red, Purple
Size: 1 1/2" - 4 " wide x 1 1/2 " - 4" tall

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