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Food For Thought FUN MINTS


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Good Health Starts with Fresh Breath

MINTS RULE!  Not ONLY do they freshen your breath, but they Taste great while doing it, AND they come in these hysterically awesome reusable tins!  A subject for everyone!  These are killer for not only the bad breath battle scarred, but for Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, or any other time you can think of to freshen up!

Obamacare Mints.  President Barrack Obama, in cartoon form, graces the cover in his Dr.'s outfit and a smile..."Take two and call me a Socialist in the Morning!"  Peppermint Flavored.  Great for anyone who does not like Obama or the ACA...or for those who DO and can take a joke!


These are our MOST popular mints by far.  Not only does the mint tin have a sexy leather or latex (your choice) outfit, thigh high boots AND a whip clad Dominatrix, but these mints are killer good!   A nice hot cinnamon burn goes a long way, but right at the VERY center you have a few seconds blast of Habanero!  The hottest pepper most folks will encounter.  These Mints are a very popular choice for those who love a bit of spicy heat to freshen with!  And they make a great gift for those kinky folks in your life.

Before, During and After Sex Mints: Your Love Life Won't be the Same. 

With an image right out of the Kama Sutra book of Love, these mints start out with a boost of sex appeal and hotness.  Keep fresh so you can make sweet love all night (or day) long and never have to stop.  Peppermint Flavored

Sin-O-Mints: For the Sinner in You.

Nice and hot cinnamon flavored mints with the Devil on the cover.  Classic flavor.

Alice's Enchantmints: Curiouser and curiouser.

Join Alice in Wonderland and her tasty EAT ME mints!  Peppermints to make you smile like the Cheshire Cat.

NSA Approved Lemon Flavored Eaves Drops.

Love or Hate the Government, you'll adore these Lemon Flavored mints.  A cartoon version of President Barrack Obama on the cover with a thumbs up and headphones on.  For those who Hate him, Love him, or just want a damn good lemon drop!

Super Strong Manly Mints! **Not for Girly Men!

These strong Peppermints with the retro bodybuilder on the tin cover will get you pumped!  Great for those loving mints, those who like retro stuff, or those guys and gals that like a sexy buff dude!

Meshuga Mints! 

Oy Gevalt!  These are Crazy Strong Peppermints!  Great for family gatherings, Bar Mitzvahs or other Jewish (or non-Jewish, for that matter) events and holidays.  Share them with your family!

Retire Mints:  Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!

These Peppermints are GREAT for those getting to be freed from the daily grind.  Now they can relax AND have fresh breath!  American Gothic couple on the front in relaxing attire.


Tins are made in China (dang...half isn't bad!).

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