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Gemstone Cluster x Amethyst x Necklace


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Truly Unique and playful works or Art, mixing Nature and Man!  These Gemstone Cluster Necklaces are so cool!  Gemstone chips of various sizes are linked in a grape-like cluster on little silver rings.  They move and shift and change as you do, so they are always different and unique as you wear them!  Various amazing powerstones!  Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Aventurine and more!  No two are ever alike by Nature!

  • Great for any lover of gemstones, crystals, power stones or pretty necklaces.
  • Can be hung up anywhere in the home as a decoration!  They look great in the window light, draped on a mirror, or even on a Christmas tree.
  • Makes a fun splash of color in the car/truck if you put on the mirror! 
  • Perfect Sweet gift for those that need a little bright pick me up!
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