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Healing Touch Power Stone Friendship Mugs: Emerald


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A Celtic Knot symbolizing FRIENDSHIP on a light blue and moss green mug, topped off with TWO Emeralds, the Friendship Power Stone!


Friendship Mug 
This limited edition mug is an extension of friendship. 
The Celtic Knot: This four-part Trinity Knot 
represents the bonds of friendship of past, 
present, and future. 
Emerald: Emerald is the most precious stone of 
the beryl species. It is also the stone of reason, 
wisdom, and truth. These are the same qualities 
an endearing friendship 
possess. When received 
from a loving friend, this stone inspires and 
supports the bonds of friendship.

Relax! Recharge! Reinvigorate! With Healing Touch Power Stone Mugs! Hand Made in the USA with Unique Energy Stones in the handles, Reiki charged with a Reiki spiral in the bottom of each mug! Many colors, styles and stones! All Hand Done, so NO TWO are Ever Alike!
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Drink in the healing powers of natural minerals as you savor your favorite brew with these uplifting mugs by Artisan potters Donna and Randall Rollins. The Artists infuse their hand-made ceramic mugs with various minerals, including Quartz, during the firing process and coat each one with a lustrous, painterly glaze. To finish, they crown each mug with any number of healing stones or birth stones, each one possesses its own unique qualities. Like "worry stones," these lovely minerals are smooth to the touch and can be rubbed gently to focus your mind and lift your mood as you enjoy a soothing cup of tea or your morning coffee. Mugs can be used for drinking Simple Water, too, or any beverage of choice!

This unique pottery item is hand crafted and shares with you the healing energy in both it's beauty and touch. Each piece is Reiki charged and only the highest quality of quartz clay and glazes are used in order to maximize the vibrational frequencies!

MADE IN THE USA and Non-Toxic!

All of our pottery is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. However, to properly care for our pottery that has healing stones and birthstones attached, please consider the following:

Some of our stones may contain iron. Certain older microwaves may not be compatible for these stones. In addition, if the stones do contain iron, it may be hot to the touch after microwaving.

Some of our stones may be softer than others. After repeated dish washing in a dishwasher, certain stones may diminish in luster. Hand washing will maintain the stone's quality.

  • Great for Weddings!  Grab a His and Hers, His and His, or Hers and Hers mugs for a sweet sentiment!
  • Perfect for the Office!  Our Work Lives are often very stressful, so these powerful mugs will help keep things in balance!
  • They make the perfect Gift!  Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day!  As a powerful Get Well gift, or for a sweet Valentine! 
  • These mugs are even great for those who don't care about power stones, as they are Hand Made in the USA and they are GORGEOUS!
  • Made in the USA!  Non-Toxic!  Dishwasher and Microwave Safe!
  • Coffee!  Tea!  Hot Cocoa!  Or anything you like!

Quartz! Jade! Citrine! Amethyst! Turquoise! Dragon Stone! Jasper! Emeralds! And many more, so check back often!

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