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Holiday Spirit Holiday Votive Candles


It's Just Holiday Spirit Holiday / Christmas Votive Candle.  One of our Exclusive Smash Hits!


Here is It's Just Holiday Spirit!  Under the tree for Mommy and her Little Girl, someone has left some hard liquor in big bottles for them to enjoy the holiday season with!  Thanks, Secret Santa!    This amazing Artwork is perfect for any Christmas / Holiday Gifting, Decor, or a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Great for folks who are religious and have a great sense of humor, and for those that are anti-religious, agnostic & atheists!  The humor is all done to laugh, not to insult.  The Votive Candles are approx.      in size and burn for hours!  So instead of a boring Mary Votive, get something unique and fun for those candle lovers!

We found a really wild U.S. Company that creates crazy collage artwork that they then turn into cards, magnets and more!  We truly fell in LOVE with this Artwork, as it's like nothing else we've ever seen before or since.  Unusual Cards mixes Dinosaurs, Kinkaid paintings, Jesus Christ, Aliens, Sexy Vixens, Cats and Kittens, Unicorns, Guns, God, 1950's and '60's Culture, Dick and Jane Children's books, Booze, Smokes, Classic Horror Movie Hysterias, Nuclear Age Terror and CHRISTMAS and slops them all together in crazy, funny, acid-trippy ways to make Magnets, Votives and Cards that you won't find anywhere else. 

 I can't tell you how much we love her work!  Our first year we had her cards as Birthday cards and they did amazingly well.  They are all blank on the inside, so they can be used for anything from Get Well to Weddings, Anniversary to Sympathy.  But they all work amazing as (and some are exclusively designed to be used as) Christmas/Holiday cards and Gifts.  Folks laugh hard at her funny, witty and twisted humor.  Our first Holiday with her cards found them selling out fast and we had to make a new order....and when we did we found out she also made some into glass Holiday Votive Candles.  So we gave a few a try.  We sold out in a WEEK and ordered twice as many as we started with, as well as expanded the selection of new designs.  So these hits will be around every year (and some all year) for your enjoyment.  They really are a strange mix of culture and worlds and humor!  I think you'll love them as much as we have and our customers have!

P.S. Candles are HOT and full of FIRE, so always burn and handle with care.  Don't be stupid, is essentially what we're trying to say...use your head and burn carefully per normal candle rules.  Duh.  

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. etc. and be sure to check out all the twisted humor we get from them in the cards and candles.

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