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Hunky Junkies:Skeletor Master of the Bone Zone


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His staff is cocked and ready to blow!  Skeletor is all bone!  Perfect for you or your man!  Based on He-Man and the Master of the Universe, this is the Master of the Bone Zone!

Give a Gift that will keep them laughing and that they will love!  These hysterical underwear are from the makers of the world famous Period Panties (guys wear them as tighty whiteys!) who now make the HUNKY JUNKIES boxers men's line of underwear.  So be cool!  Be funky!  Be fashionable! 

Limited Edition so get them while they last!! 

  Hands down, one of our Best Selling items!  Folks have gotten them for themselves, for White Elephant Gifts, as Get Well jokes, and to hang up as ART!  They never fail to make someone laugh!

Check the pics for the SIZE graph.  According to the maker:

               Waistband (in inches)    

Small is           27-30

Medium           30-33

Large                33-36

XL                        36-38

XXL                   38-42

3XL                       42-46                           

We have orders OPEN for BACKORDERS.  However, keep in mind that Backorders can sometimes take weeks or even months depending on the manufacturing times of the company and that designs can be retired without notice.  We will try to keep you updated on any backorder issues.

Check out all the fun Period Panties and Hunky Junkies collection!  

Make a bad situation better!!
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