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HypnoCube LED Mood Light


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De-Stress and Relax the Magical HypnoCube way!  Let the Magic Dancing Light soothe your nerves and let the world wash away in it's dancing, mesmerizing spectacle!

The HypnoCube is a HIT!  It is like a magical light show anywhere you want it!  THOUSANDS of different colors, even more color combos, tons of patterns...means it truly never repeats itself.

We've had folks that have trouble sleeping get this lamp for the bedroom.  When they wake in the night, instead of lying in the dark pondering all the things that keep them up, they watch the dancing, hypnotic lights and are soon out again!  So it lives up to it's name!

It's also a great way to entertain your CAT!  The flashing colors will keep Puss'n'Boots happy for hours on end!

Others have it on a covered patio for parties!  And some like it in the living room or game room or dorm.  And it's AWESOME in the office or a boring cubical!

So let the HypnoCube work it's magic spell on you!!

4Cube features:

  • 64 three-color RGB LEDs that can each display 4096 colors.
  • 51 basic visualizations.
  • 10+ transition effects.
  • Variable speed randomly smoothed along random paths.
  • Dynamic palette morphing for smooth color effects.
  • Arbitrary symmetry and affine transform mappings performed dynamically.
  • Color, timing, symmetry, and transition randomization for creating unique visualizations on the fly.
  • 512-bit random cycle seed saved between power-ups almost guarantees never repeating visualization cycle.
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