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Lady Slipper Pendant (Paph Bellatulum) Orchid Necklace


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Vibrant colors!  Amazing detail!  REAL Orchids made into incredible, colorful Necklaces!

When Nature and Man meet, something Magical CAN happen!  Here are REAL ORCHID Flowers & Leaves preserved forever as stunning Jewelry!  No two are ever alike!  Incredible colors!  Many styles and sizes!  Orchids, Daisies, Butterfly Wings (all die naturally) and other amazing flowers.  Dazzling to the eye, these truly unique 3D flowers will never die!

Extremely rare, the Lady Slipper Orchid is thought to be one of the slowest-growing plants in the world, taking between 6 and 11 years of growth before it actually produces flowers. Striking Brown Spots on Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Blue with Red Middle, and Pink

Size: 2-3" wide x 2-3" high

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