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Macho Tissues for Manly Men


Macho Tissues!  For Manly Men!  These HUGE tissues are for Blood and Sweat, but NEVER tears!

Extra LARGE, Extra STRONG Tissues for Manly Men!

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Sissies, Chickens, Weaklings, Cowards, Crybabies, Scaredy Cats, Pansies, Slackers, Wimps, Wussies, Yellow Bellies and Good-For-Nothing Layabouts!

100 awesomely huge tissues!  Almost 14 inches wide!  So they can handle the biggest blood spills or sweaty messes by Gruff and Tuff MEN!  Hell, get them for one of those wimps and make them curl the box!  Make a real man out of them!  You'll need one box for each hand! 

Box is retro styled to look like when Men were Men!  And it comes with a butch retro boxer (no gloves for this dude!) with a masculine handlebar mustache!  He'll show you what a real Man is like!  So grab a box or two or ten today! 

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