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MALE Stripping Coffee Mugs


Sexy MALE Coffee Mugs.

A bit of Naughty fun for your Coffee or Hot Chocolate Fix!  These Incredible Hunks of Man Flesh get FULLY NUDE when you add hot liquids to the mug!  They are incredibly popular and risqué!  We even had one shopper from Atlanta, GA call us up to tell us she had a whole restaurant full of staff and diners playing with the mug so she had to get more mailed out! 

These sexy mugs are HAND WASH ONLY and NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, so handle the delicate bits...well...DELICATELY!  Haha!  Hands down these are one of our MOST popular Items.  Alas, we can NOT select specific men or women for each sale, so a RANDOM sexy male or female will be sent out for the orders.  We WILL try to NOT give you two of the same person if you order more than one at a time.  Each mug comes in a cute little box as shown.  So shock someone for a birthday, office retirement, anniversary or Holiday!

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