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Our Manly Scented Soaps are a Massive Hit, making gifts for guys young and old a FUN thing again.  No more boring ties.  Give Dad, your Brother, your Boyfriend, Husband, or the guys at the office, something USEFUL and funny.  In this Manly Mystery Soap Box we'll include SIX bars for the price of five!  We might even surprise you with something else if we so choose!  But you're guaranteed to save with this treasure.  What will be inside?

Bacon? Cedar Cabin?  Cigar?  Urinal Mint?  Cactus?  Gay Bar?  Leather?  Watermelon?  Wood Cleaner?  Race Day?  Republican, Democrat or Independent Voter?  Football?  Candy Cane?  Black Licorice?

There are over 50 possible scents...and since they are random and won't be doubled in one box, there are thousands of possible combinations!!

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