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Marvel X-Force: Ain't No Dog & Cable:Messiah War


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Marvel Comics: X-Force: Ain't No Dog, is a single one-shot comic with a VERY violent Wolverine and a pile of bloody corpses on the cover.  On the flipside is X-Force / Cable: Messiah War #1, a Variant Issue.  Very collectible SET.  They are sealed back to back in protective sleeve with white cardboard divider.  Great for any Marvel Action Comics Lover, or to fill in that missing issue or two!  Framing them makes for amazing wall art!  Or seal them away in your vault for investment collecting, or to pass on to the kids and grandkids!  Use them to expand your own Artistic Talents!  Or maybe as an educational guide to learn how to control your Mutant Powers! 

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**** Let it be clear that we are NOT a Comic Book shop or collector.  We take on some Collectibles now and then from various sources.  These Comic Books were acquired from a Private Collection.  We have not opened them or inspected them beyond looking at them inside their protective sleeves.  From what we see, they are brand new/Mint.  There are no returns or credits or refunds on these items.  They are sold "as is", but again, to our knowledge are brand new and in perfect or near perfect condition in their sleeves.  Please see the pics for more info incase we do not get the correct name or issue number.  ****

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