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Opal & Gold Semi-Precious Stone Watch

$249.99 $99.99

Opal & Gold Semi-Precious Stone Quartz Watches.  Give a gift that will stun the eyes and thrill the senses!  Light Blue Opal chips dance in a mosaic mixture with Whites and Dark Blues to create these fabulous watch faces and Oval Gemstone Watch Bands.  Five oval stones stretch on either side of the round watch face, approx 6 1/2 inches total clasp to clasp.   These incredible watches were acquired from a local high end jewelry store that closed in the late 1990's here in Phoenix/Scottsdale and are in perfect condition.  Add a new battery and these lovely timepieces will grant you ages of gorgeous splendor!  ONLY 4 available!
  • Perfect Gift for Graduation, Wedding, Christmas or Birthday!
  • No two are alike.  Real Semi-Precious Stones!
  • A wonderful gift for those into power stones!
  • Add a splash of elegance to any event or gathering!
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