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Peace Love & Happiness SUPER Mystery Box!

$180.00 $125.00

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Peace Love & Happiness SUPER MYSTERY GIFT BOX!! This BIG BOX has OVER $180.00 bucks worth of stuff inside!! What could it hold!?? Tons of cool items to Sooth the Savage Beast, Calm Your Nerves, Ease Your Mind and hopefully Relieve Some Stress! We gave you a TINY sneak peek of a few of our sweet Gemstones/Crystals and one of our popular Love Bracelets...but that is just the beginning of what is inside!! If you bought all the stuff inside from us normally you'd spend OVER $180.00!!! We have this big box priced at ONLY $125!!! So get it while it lasts! It's even wrapped in WHITE ELEPHANT MYSTERY PAPER! And a cute Pink Elephant snuck in there, too. Tell your friends. Perfect for any Birthday, Anniversary, Surprise Party or as a Gift for Yourself! 1235 East Northern Ave. 10-630 daily.
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