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Political Toilet Paper:Trump


It's time to clean up Politics once and for all!  Politics gives everyone an upset stomach at times!  And others are Political Junkies!  Either way, they need to let it all out!  And Opinions are like a— well, you know the rest!  Here is our Popular Donald Trump Toilet Paper! He sold out in days the first time in!   Love him or hate him, this is a great Political Collectible or Gag Gift! 

Also available in Obama and Clinton varieties!

  • a great gift for the family politician
  • filled with hilarious sayings and a Trump caricature
  • make your Democratic relatives happy you thought of them
  • don’t forget: it’s also a great roll of TP
  • Add some of our Popular ManHands brand soap in Democrat, Republican or Independent Voter, or some of our Squeeze Shit, for a GREAT Political Gift Basket!
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