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Smoked Glass with Angel Tree Toppers


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Angel Smoked Hand Blown Glass Christmas Tree Topper Ornament.

When we first opened our shop we acquired a closed out gift shop.  In it's collection were collectible hand blown smoked glass Christmas Tree Topper Ornaments.  We thought we'd sold out of them all, as they'd gone fast, but we just stumbled upon another box of the Tree Topper Ornaments!  These are not made anymore and were manufactured about 11 or 12 years ago.  They are hand blown smoked glass tree toppers with orb in center with different scenes and a glass star at the top that you can put on your Christmas Tree, or stand anywhere you need some holiday cheer.  This smoked glass Christmas Tree Topper has a central orb that contains a beautiful Angel with arms open.  Each one is hand painted and sits on a little bed of lychen.  Each  is topped by a hand blown star!  Each is about 18 inches long total and come in their own plain box for safe keeping, approx. 19 x 6 x 6.  Some of the outer boxes are worn or show some storage/packing damages, but do not effect the inner packing or the ornament.

Don't miss out on this fun collectible holiday Christmas ornament!
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