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Stained Glass Art Photo Frame #6

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The camera can't capture the amazing beauty of these Hand Made in the USA, Stained Glass and Copper Photo Frames!   No two are even remotely alike!  The colors, patterns and designs are amazing and fun.  Our Local Artist, one of our favorite exclusives, has so much talent and makes truly one of a kind works of Art...and these are USABLE ART!  In a million different colors and shapes!  Triangles, Curlicues, Spirals, Rectangles, Glass Pearls and a myriad of strange shapes and designs!

Each work in total averages approx. 8x8 and the fold out stand is around 4 inches. 

This is my favorite of the original 6!  Hand made HEART glass Panels fill this gem of a frame.  Add in Red Glass Pearls, Red and Purple Panels and a Opalescent Panel...and WOW!

Great for:
  • Weddings!
  • Graduations
  • Office
  • Dorm
  • The favorite family Pet
  • Grandma!
  • Mother's Day
  • Christmas Gift!  Just add your favorite pic!
  • Valentine's Day!  And any other reason you can think of!
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