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Stumpy Glow in the Dark Finger Zombie


Try not to scream!  Our Glow in the Dark Finger Zombies are a smash hit!  Adults love them as much as kids!  Collect all 5! 

This is Stumpy! And though he's missing a hand and looks quite moody, he's actually really great once you get to know him.  Just push his intestines back in and he's good to go!

Great for the Office!  Killer way to send someone off to a promotion or a retirement!

Perfect for Birthday Parties! Put them on a Birthday Cake!

Or for those fun Zombie and Game lovers!  Finger Zombies are a killer toy for young and old alike! 

And these GLOW in the DARK!  So break out the Zombie Juice, put on the end of the world movies and be part of the action!  Perfect for Halloween, horror movies or playing with the kids. 

And don't miss out on our collection of Finger Monsters, too! Collect all 8!!
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