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RETIRED ! Swabbie December Diamonds Merman Ornament


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DISCONTINUED!  SWABBIE !  This sexy Military boy is almost gone!  Swabbie the Seaman! Sea Blue Tail, Cloud White Sailor's Cap, DD Leather MP style armband...he's Ready to Serve, Sir!  Don't let this American Sailor stud swim off.  They stopped making him, so get him while you can!

Comes in his own box.  Can be hung from a tree for the holidays, or from the mirror in your car...or in your bedroom...almost anywhere!  Made by December Diamonds, It's All About the Bling!  Get this collectible hotty before he's gone.  DD designs all their own ornaments and keeps them for approx. 1 to 3 years before retiring them.  Once retired they are gone forever! Their value usually at least doubles once retired.  Collect them ALL!!

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