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Vintage 1972 Arizona Turquoise Necklace #2

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Lucky 7!  Vintage 1972 Arizona Turquoise Necklace #2

Back in the 1960's and early 1970's there was a husband and wife team that both were well known in Arizona for their Turquoise Jewelry and love of the Art of making jewelry and Native American Art.  They not only collected Artwork and Jewelry from Navaho and other Native American Artists, but they were quite well known for making their own.  For reasons unknown to us, following the husband's passing, his wife still continued to make Turquoise jewelry of all kinds, but stopped openly selling it.  Instead, after making a work, she placed it into storage...and then stopped making altogether in the early 1970's.  After her passing in early 2016 these works were discovered...stored away since 1972!!  Shagawa's work is once again on display and available!  We've started out with 9 pieces and hope to have more to come soon.  These necklaces deal with many colors and forms of Arizona Turquoise.  Some may have been from popular mines around the state, famous for it's Turquoise, or from the highly popular mines of Utah and Nevada. 

Turquoise in the early days was prized by Native Americans, found in many types of Art from tribes all over the Southwest, but early whites didn't prize it....it was a trash byproduct of mining valuable Copper!!  So the Turquoise was thrown away by the wheelbarrows full!  Miners started taking it home in lunch buckets.  And soon the gemstone was on it's way again to being popular.  And today, Turquoise is still sought after for it's amazing beauty, stunning colors and spider-webbings, and as a Power Stone or Healing Stone. 

Vintage 1972 Arizona Turquoise Necklace #2, a work of wearable Native American Made Art, by Arizona Artist Shagawa, has been in storage since 1972, and is finally available again!!  Made with Sterling Silver Hook Clasps, Native American Heishi Beads, Mother of Pearl Birds, and lucky 7 bright blue pieces of Turquoise.  These stones are marked with truly unique dark patterns and are more squarish is shape with a fantastic blue.   We thought about polishing the sterling silver aspects of the pieces, but decided to leave them as they were found.  A simple silver polishing cloth used gently will restore them to shiny glory, but we liked them as they were, a bit of rustic retro...

Grab a bit of Arizona History before it is gone!!

A lovely work for any admirer of Turquoise, Native American Jewelry or as a fun gift for any occasion.  Something Blue for a Wedding...or for a special Thank You...great for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, too!  Add this stunning retro necklace to your collection!!

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