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Wine Bottle Glass


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Our Wine Bottle Glass has been one of our TOP SELLERS since we opened and is always in our TOP 5!  It's amazingly popular and at times very hard to keep in stock!  For Mother's Day it's always a blowout seller and is still our #1 Wine related item in the whole Shop!  It's been all over the news, from the Today Show to the Late Show and more!  So get the real deal that has been a hit for so long!  Our daughter has it and LOVES it!  On the front is: Finally!  A wine glass that fits my needs!

Great as a novelty for a party or for those serious wine lovers!

  • Holds a 750ml full bottle of wine
  • Takes standard cork or decorative bottle stopper
  • Stands approximately 11.5 inches tall
  • Glass, hand wash
  • No need to refill as often!
  • Makes a stellar vase!
  • Allows you to tell everyone that you have ONE glass of wine a night and not be lying!!
  • Great conversation piece at parties and makes a fun White Elephant Gift or Birthday Gift.  Great for retirements, too!  Send them off with style!
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