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Zombie Repellant Scented ManHands Soap


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MADE IN THE USA!  Which makes it even BETTER at repelling killer zombies!  This Soap is hand made and is great at repelling not only the walking dead, but at repelling dirt!  Has a popular fresh scent to keep those green skinned buggers away and attract those sexy ones to you. 

So BE A MAN!  And wash up!

Hand Made in the USA!  And don't miss out on the over 50 other GREAT scents (a few that are EXCLUSIVE to us!).  Bacon!  Zombie Repellant!  Beer!  Leather!  Cut N Shave!  Lap Dance! Dirty Pig! and many more!  All hand made by a small U.S. company!  100% USA made!  Tested on Dudes, not on Animals!

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