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4 Plates: Blonde


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4 Plates # 3: Blonde (shown with watermarks to reduce digital theft).  Would you call this lovely a Blonde? Haha. 

Abstract figurative acrylics on wood.  Approx 6 x 6.

A talented Phoenix, Arizona, born-and-raised Artist, James focuses mainly on abstract figuratives on wood panels and emphasizes the use of bold colors, intense contrasts and black and whites.  He's a visual Artist who works in mixed media painting, photography, drawings, printmaking, and more on canvas, paper and wood panels.  He works mainly in acrylics and chalks, but has been known to work in oils, pastels, water colors and indian ink.  We're sure he could just as easily create fine Art out of Ketchup and Mustard if the mood struck.

He's had many local showings with great success and has several works on a nation-wide tour!  So get his works while they are affordable, as his star in the Art World is definitely rising quickly!
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