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Universal Love Crystal Mix


Universal Love MIX!
NEW #Crystal #PowerStone Sets! This #powerful set of Gems will give the bearer a feeling of #love and #comfort. #strawberryquartz is great for #innerpeace, #clearingnegativeenergy and Love! While the #Prehnite crystal is the Healing stone for the healer and gives #universallove. The #Peridot mini crystals are the #feelgoodstone, so you know they carry #warmth with you everywhere you go! These stones give #greatvibes. Great gift for those good buds in your life! We have many mixes to choose from, so get them all!

Great for decor or as pocket stones to carry with you in the car, office, bedroom, purse, etc. Crystals are lovely decorations and make us feel good just looking at them!
Each crystal set comes in its own plastic bag to keep the stones together. If not purchased with other items, they will ship in larger padded envelope to ensure safe delivery. Each mix of gems will vary, as no two crystals/stones are exactly the same by nature, so colors, sizes and shapes will be a surprise!

** We are NOT medical professionals. Crystals are for entertainment and personal enjoyment. Please consult your medical professionals.
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