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Arizona Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly


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Grown in sun-drenched deserts and watered naturally by our generous monsoon rains, the succulent prickly pear cactus fruit produces a juice that has a rich, fruity flavor with distinct clarity, and a delicate aroma.

A great taste of Arizona and the American Southwest!  Fabulous stuff! The best description I can give is, imagine a strawberry crossed with a raspberry. It's not too bland or sweet, and it's not too tart. It's just perfect. Would make delicious glaze or sauce for pork and it's good with peanut butter.

A great taste of Arizona and the American Southwest.  No additives!  No preservatives!  No Artificial Flavors!  Gluten Free and Kosher!

Specialty jellies and preserves that are made with organic and all natural juices from fruits indigenous to the Sonoran Desert!

The colorful magenta Cactus Jellies are made from organically grown prickly pear cactus fruit.  The fruit is hand harvested at the peak of ripeness to capture the ambrosial flavor, vibrant color and exceptional nutrient value.

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