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Authentic Navajo Dreamcatcher 2" Sea Green


Authentic Navajo Made Dreamcatchers! These magical creations are all HAND MADE by a Mother & Father and their 5 Daughters on the Navajo Reservation at the top of Arizona!  These are 2" across and hang approx. 6-8" in total length (variations in leather and feathers). No two are ever alike as they are all hand made out of REAL Leather and Animal Sinew.  Feathers vary in color and size and are all from Legal Birds. 

Each 2" Dreamcatcher has several Gemstones and Crystals around the web, from Turquoise to Amethyst to Lapis to Hematite and more (stones will vary) as well as a single Navajo Ghost Bead.  Cedar berries are gathered by members of the Navajo Nation in Arizona for the creation of jewelry and crafts. Assisted by Ants, who nibble off one end of the berry and eat the meat, the craftspeople need only punch a hole in the other end to use the berry. The harmony that results from the interconnection of earth, tree, animal and human is believed to ensure tranquility and keep evil spirits away. 

Dream Catchers are used by Navajo to ensure Sweet and Peaceful Dreams!  As the dreams filter in from the dreamworld, they pass through the webbing, allowing good dreams to flow through and down the feathers, while bad dreams are caught and destroyed at sunrise.  Dreamcatchers are also "Americanized" to represent general Good Luck and Prosperity!

Colors in the Leather, Feathers and Crystals/Gemstones WILL VARY as they are all handmade.

  • Native American Made! Local Arizona Artisans!
  • Said to bring Peaceful Sleep and Good Dreams!  GREAT for kids with Nightmares!
  • A symbol of Good Luck! Great on a Car Mirror or Christmas Tree!
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