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Bacon Scented Soap Phoenix Souvenir Exclusive


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A Whozitz and Whatzitz Unique Gifts EXCLUSIVE Phoenix, Arizona Souvenir!!

Did you ever wish that you could bring meat into the shower with you?  Use our Bacon Scented Soap and youll feel like you're standing in the middle of a giant bacon smoker.  

Sure you could wash some lettuce in there but how are you supposed to cook a smokey, meaty, delicious treat when the shower wont even get hot enough for your skin?    Mmmm, theres nothing like the smell of crispy, salty bacon during your morning shower!

Though we wish you could, do not eat this soap.  We know its tempting because of how deliciously and bacony it smells, but please try to resist.  Also, dont lick your roommates arm after they use it, they are not bacon!

*Tested on dudes, not animals!  
And if you don't want to use it as soap you CAN chop it up and use in heated DISH type oil/wax burners like a Wax Melt.

Measures 3 inches long x 2.25 inches wide .75 inches deep.  3 oz. bar.  Handmade in USA! 

Made in the USA!  And don't miss out on our other GREAT scents that are EXCLUSIVE to us!  Bacon!  Zombie Repellant!  Beer!  Leather!  Dirty Pig! and many more!  All hand made by a small U.S. company!  100% USA made!

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