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BEER scented Soap Phoenix Souvenir Exclusive


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A Whozitz and Whatzitz Unique Gifts EXCLUSIVE Phoenix, Arizona Souvenir!!

BEER!  That Magical refreshment of MEN!  You know you love it!  Hell, even WOMEN love it!  So now you can turn on the charm, or share a bath or shower together, with BEER scented soap!  This is our second most popular scent...Bacon is number one and Zombie Repellant is third.  Great for those beer lovers, to add to a gift basket, or as a gag gift.  REAL Manly Soap!

Made in the USA!  And don't miss out on all of our other GREAT scents  that are EXCLUSIVE to us! Bacon!  Zombie Repellant!  Beer!  Leather!   Dirty Pig! and many more!  All hand made by a small U.S. company!  100% USA made!  Tested on Dudes, not on Animals!  And if you don't want to use it as soap you CAN chop it up and use in heated DISH type oil/wax burners like a Wax Melt.

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