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Brown Topaz Crystal Stud Earrings


These Vibrant Round Topaz Brown Crystal Earrings are stunning.  Perfect for any occasion, their Golden Brown crystal dances with rich color with each movement.  Makes a great gift!  Hypoallergenic Steel Posts.

Limited Quantity in each color... Blood Red, Deep Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Dark Green and Golden Topaz Brown.  Man Made Crystals

  • We try to ship most of our jewelry in jewelry boxes or wrapped in paper for safe shipping.  Most will come in padded envelopes.  Please unpack carefully as to not drop or lose small items.
  • These posts are made of Surgical Steel so they should be allergy free for those with issues. We go by what our manufacturers tell us but we do know folks have sensitivity to certain materials. Below is what one of our customers who has occasional issues told us.
  • Allergen Tip:  One of our Customers who has reactions to metals says to get some soft wax and gently rub your earring posts in the wax to get 24 hours of wearing time without reactions.  She told us it helped her with her jewelry so she can wear anything she wants.  Try it and see if it works for you like it did for her.
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