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Chakra Crystal Winged Gold Necklace


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Incredible Chakra Crystal Gold Wing Necklace!!  Make a Powerful statement with this Steel & Gold Crystal Gem!    Perfect for those who love Fairies, Dragons, Crystals and Energy Stones! Masculine and Feminine, all in one!  

Some see this as a dragon, others a fairy, an others as a magical force to recharge from the crystals.  It's a great gift for those who love bling!  Perfect for Pride, LGBTQ, or anyone who loves the rainbow colors or power stones!

Made of high quality steel with brilliant crystals!  Each comes on a lobster claw necklace of various colors.

Wear it out with any outfit!  Hang it from the mirror in your car!  Let it dance in the light in the window!  Perfect gift for just about anyone or any occasion.

Quantities are limited as the maker has stopped producing them.  Check out the other styles as well!

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