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Grinder the Gargoyle


Grinder. $275.00

Blinding Blue eyes, blood red claws, Yellow wings, goatee and forehead ridge. Grinder is one tough dude. But he's ready to share your home...on the mantle, shelf, dresser, or your gallery showcase. This one-of-a-kind gem will protect you and enhance your home, office and life!

I found a company that created highly unique creatures from dragons to gargoyles to freaks of nature and lovely little people. Some were large, some tiny. Most were incredibly detailed, yet others vague and leaving their power to your creative imaginations. Some are dark, some are light...almost a Fairy creation. I contacted them to see about carrying their items and they were thrilled. We chatted a few times over the months... and then, to my HORROR!, they stated they were quitting and not going to make them any longer! They were going to move in other directions and end the Klay creations! I was so upset and bummed out, as I'd JUST found them and it all fell apart! I was depressed to say the least.

Then our frnds Paul and Diana suggested we contact them again and see about getting the last of their wondrous monsters and demons and skulls and gargoyles....so I dropped them a note, and Voila! they agreed! I purchased all they had left.

Now YOU get to have a shot at ONE-OF-A-KIND fascinations! Creative creatures pulled from the imaginings of a talented artist (Adie) ! Many of the creations have his fingerprints all over them! YOURS to keep forever. So don't miss this opportunity, as these will never be made again. Once they are gone, they are GONE forever. Some of these I think should be in a gallery...but they will happily settle living with you! Some are so incredibly detailed you'll be blown away. Made of a durable polymer clay, these whimsical, fantastical and enchanting imaginings will last forever and tickle your brain just as long!

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