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Magnetic Jesus Dress Up: Original


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A little info on the Art and the Artist:

(As Normal Bob likes to change things up, the exact outfits might vary from time to time). Like Magnetic Cut-out Paper Dolls of old, this set of Magnets lets you choose bottoms, tops, hats, hair, accessories and more to dress up likely the most Famous Man in History, Jesus Christ, Himself.  Created by critically acclaimed Artist, satarist (no, not Satanist, despite his appearance at times) Normal Bob Smith, Jesus Dressup is an edgy, irreverent virtual colorform that allows users to bedeck Jesus on the cross in silly outfits.  Players can select from a wide range of colorful shirts, slacks, hats and wigs to dress Jesus up for any occasion. 

Though Normal Bob Smith is an atheist, the intent is not to offend, but to have some religious humor, just as God would have intended.  If you can't laugh at yourself or your beliefs, then what can you laugh at?  Relax, no one is going to Hell for some religious humor, no matter how edgy.  IF it's NOT your thing, simply move on and enjoy all the awesome other non-edgy religious items available.  Normal Bob Smith won't mind in the slightest.

A Little More Detailed Info on the SET:

  • These beautiful 11" X 8" magnet kits have been hand designed and finely tuned specifically for your play-time-fun enjoyment! Collect them all and mix and match your sets!
  • GREAT as a White Elephant Gift!
  • The Original Dress Up Jesus Set has well over 30 accessories to mix and match!
  • Many regular folks have loved the sets, but STARS love them, too!  From Sarah Silverman to the one and only John Waters!  From Crispin Glover to Janeane Garofalo!  Penn Jillette, Richard Dawkins and more!  The sets have even been on National Television, on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Comedy Central and Telemundo News!  So they have been around for years and keep growing in popularity.   So grab a set, or a few, today! 
  • Yellow Sun Dress.  Bunny Slippers.  Hula Skirt and much more.
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