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Period Panties: Star Trek Make It Flow


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Period Panties: Star Trek Make It Flow! Jean Luc Picard usually has Earl Grey Tea, but this tampon dipping dude has a dark red today! He'll conquer the day and keep cramps at bay! Fire Tampon Torpedoes!  Perfect for any fan of Star Trek or fun undies!

Limited Edition so get them while they last!!

Make a bad situation better with Horrifying Period Panties!  They're Bloody Adorable!!  Great for Men And Women!  Hands down, one of our Best Selling items!  Folks have gotten them for themselves, for White Elephant Gifts, as Get Well jokes, and to hang up as ART!  They never fail to make someone laugh!

Real Panties for "That Time of the Month!"   Double lined in front in black!  Not meant to be used solely though for those days...but a great way to help!! Decorated in Terrifyingly fun scenes from Famous Horror Movies and Pop Culture!  We've sold them to MEN as well as crazy tighty whiteys!  We even have one gent here in town who has one of every pair!  So grab these up for someone in need... or for a great laugh!

Check the pics for the SIZE graph.  According to the maker:

               Waistband (in inches)    Hips ( in inches)

Small is             26-27                             33

Medium            28-29                                34-35

Large                30-32                                36-38

XL                        33-37                            39-44

XXL                    38-41                                45-47

3XL                       42-46                            48-52

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Make a bad situation better!!
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