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Sexual Passion and Energy Crystal Mix


Sexual Passion and Energy Crystal Mix.
Red Mahogany Obsidian has Hematite and Iron in it for blood flow. Red Garnet is for Boundless Sexuality. Red Agate for Passion. Master Crystal Quartz Point for Stamina. Put them all together and BOOM! Let your Passions ignite and your Sexual Energies Flow! Great gift for those good buds in your life! Perfect for Valentine's Day, Date Night, Weddings or any time you need a little boost in the libido!

Be sure to check out all of our gemstone mixes. Each mix of gems will vary, as no two crystals/stones are exactly the same by nature, so colors, sizes and shapes will be a surprise! Gems are mailed in larger package for safer shipping.


** We are NOT medical professionals. Crystals are for entertainment and personal enjoyment. Please consult your medical professionals.
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