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TKO Boxer December Diamonds Merman Ornament


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TKO!  This Boxer Merman Ornament packs a hard Punch! taped hands, gloves over his shoulders and a Classic Black and Red color theme.  He's gonna Knock You Out!

He is LONG discontinued from 2017 and I could NOT find him online anywhere else currently! 

  • Great for Christmas, Birthdays, or any day!
  • Perfect collectible gift for the ladies, your gay buds, or those secure straight men who can relate!  Believe it or not, we sell almost as many to straight guys for themselves as we do to the ladies and to gay gents!  So don't rule these out!!
  • Comes in his own box.  
  • Can be hung from a tree for the holidays, or from the mirror in your car...or in your bedroom...almost anywhere!  
  • Made by December Diamonds, It's All About the Bling!  Get this collectible hotty before he's gone.  DD designs all their own ornaments and keeps them for approx. 1 to 3 years before retiring them.  Once retired they are gone forever! Their value usually at least doubles once retired.  
  • Collect them ALL!! These Mermen/Merman/Mermaid ornaments are highly collectible!

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